MIDItar Hero started off as my final project for my Sound Synthesis class at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, under the direction of Dr. John Shirley. Previous to starting MIDItar Hero, I had only created a few other patches for the class. The first was a very basic 16 step MIDI sequencer. The second allowed you to trigger and manipulate the pitch and velocity of a sine, cosine, or square wave using a USB game controller.

Basically, the first incarnation of MIDItar Hero was a combination of both those projects – the MIDI output from the first project combined with the USB input from the second project. The biggest change to all of that was adding in all of the logic to adapt to the Rock Band controller (the binary fret pattern, not playing the note until you strum, making the Whammy bar affect the pitchbend, etc.) That, plus the addition of a single custom note pattern, was pretty much the extent of Version 0.1. (4/24/08)

Version 0.2 added more custom note patterns. (4/25/08)

Version 0.3 added support for Windows. (4/26/08)

Version 0.4 finally let you change the MIDI output – no more crappy piano! Also, palm muting was added. (5/4/08)

Version 0.5 added power chords, actual documentation, and whammy that worked with the MIDI output. This was the version I demonstrated in-class for final project and ripped the sick tapping solo in the Guitar Mode Demonstration video. (5/12/08)

Version 0.6 introduced the short lived vibrato feature triggered by the tilt sensor. Also added documentation for the changing the MIDI output. (5/14/08)

Version 0.7 brought on colors (!), panels, and overall not-looking-like-crap-ness. Oh, and the name “MIDItar Hero” was officially adopted. (5/21/08)

Version 0.8 was the first time the Windows side of things actually worked on Windows, because up until then everything in MIDItar Hero had a Windows half and a Mac half. So… I combined the two. Sort of. If it only it didn’t involve rewriting EVERYTHING… on the positive side, it made it was easier to add support for more controllers later.(6/17/08)

Version 0.9 (10/1/08) to 0.92 (10/30/08) to 0.93 (1/1/09) to 0.94 (1/14/08) to 0.95 (2/2/09) added a bunch of stuff – Easy Mode, Drum Mode, lots of bug fixes, support for way more controllers, custom controllers, more improvements to the GUI, more demonstration videos, and this website.

Version 1.0 added Sample Mode, a complete reworking of the interface, and actual documentation.

Version 1.0

Version 0.9

Version 0.8

Version 0.7

Version 0.6

Version 0.5

Version 0.4

Version 0.3

Version 0.2

Version 0.1

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