MIDItar Hero requires several additional downloads and installations to function correctly. If you do not read these instructions carefully, MIDItar Hero will not work correctly or even run at all.

Current version download links:
MIDItar Hero v1.06.mxf
MIDItar Hero v1.0 README

To use MIDItar Hero correctly, you will need the Max/MSP Runtime, the proper controller drivers, and the MIDItar Hero software. Of course, you’ll need a Guitar Hero or Rock Band instrument to properly use MIDItar Hero, but technically any USB device can be used with the program.

1. Download the Max/MSP Runtime
Max/MSP Runtime is FREE and can be downloaded from the Cycling ’74 website.

2. Download the necessary controller drivers
The required drivers depend on what console your instrument controller is meant for and what operating system your computer is running.

Xbox 360 Controller
Windows XP/Vista:
You will be prompted to download and install the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows driver when you plug the controller into the computer’s USB port.
Mac OS X:
You will need the Tattiebogle Xbox 360 Driver.
If you want to use a wireless Xbox 360 Controller, you will need to purchase the Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows. It should work on Mac OS X as well.

PS3 Controller
You will need the SIXAXIS Driver for PC.
Mac OS X:
You will need the Tattiebogle PS3 Driver.

Wii Controller:
Only Wii controllers that are connected through USB work with MIDItar Hero. This includes the Rock Band Strat and the Rock Band Drum Set. They either require no additional drivers, or Windows will install the required drivers upon plugging in the controller.

PS2 Controller with a PS2 to USB adapter:
You will need to use the Custom Controller option in the OS/Platform Menu to configure your controller.

3. Download the MIDItar Hero software
After you have Max/MSP Runtime and the controller drivers installed, you can download MIDItar Hero.
Current version download links:
MIDItar Hero v1.06.mxf
MIDItar Hero v1.0 README

4. If you want guitar or drum sounds
MIDItar Hero does not create sounds – all it does is produce MIDI information that can be sent outside of the program to control sounds elsewhere. The default setting when you open MIDItar Hero is to send MIDI output to your computer’s built-in synthesizer, which is that piano sound you’re probably sick of by now. If you want to make anything other than that sound, you need a program or external MIDI device capable of playing software instruments through MIDI input.
If you’re running Windows and you want to use a software synthesizer from a digital audio workstation such as Mixcraft or FL Studio, you will need to download a virtual MIDI driver to send MIDI information from MIDItar Hero to your chosen program. I recommend using LoopBe1 as your virtual MIDI driver.
Once the virtual MIDI driver is installed and set up, you can link MIDItar Hero and your chosen program by setting the MIDI output within MIDItar Hero and the MIDI input within your chosen program to the same virtual MIDI port created by the virtual MIDI driver.
If you’re using Mac OS X, you do not need a virtual MIDI driver, as CoreAudio already supports virtual MIDI. Select “From Max/MSP” as your MIDI Output and Input to link MIDItar Hero with the other program.

51 Responses to Download

  1. kwstis says:

    hey….heeemmm….sorry..but how can i download
    miditar hero for free??????

  2. James says:

    When will Miditar Hero v1.1 be available?

    • bwestplaysdrums says:

      No idea as of yet. I might put the drum velocity stuff on hold and work on something else for 1.1 instead… haven’t decided yet.

      • Ben Jeremy says:

        MIDItar is very nice… especially since Drum Kits (if you can find them) are under $10 at WalMart and KMart.

        Any plans to add support for multiple controllers, perhaps as the same MIDI device? I’m thinking specifically of the dual drum kits as a single MIDI controller.

        Anyway… great job!

  3. James says:

    Can I beta test it please? I love this software and I really can’t wait to see it get better.

  4. Rigo33 says:

    Quick question…
    How do I open up a “.mxf” file?
    I’m having trouble simply setting the program up

  5. Rob says:

    How do you get a wii guitar hero 3 controller to work with this? How do you get it to plug into usb?

    • bwestplaysdrums says:

      Unfortunately, you don’t. Nobody has written drivers for the Wii controllers to read it as an HID device (for whatever reason they all just map the controller functions to keyboard inputs), so there’s no way to get them working with MH yet.

  6. Rob says:

    sry, 1 more thing: i downloaded max/msp runtime but the website says try for 30 days(“Choose the version that is right for you and your system, and try it for 30 days.”)is it free?

    • bwestplaysdrums says:

      The Runtime has no trial period and is free to use. The 30 day trial only applies to the actual programming software.

  7. Eric says:

    I’v downloaded everything but i dont get how to start midi hero

  8. Eric says:

    I already did, but I maneged to figure it out

  9. michael bryan says:

    midi hero testing
    i am interested in the test version
    please send the password to
    thankyou mike

  10. JAcobyw says:

    umm i clicked the download link and it said there were no files found…?

  11. Nilbmar says:

    I’ve tried over and over, but I can’t get miditar to open in the runtime..its version 5.0.6, know whats wrong?

  12. Lajos Kovacs says:

    I’ve downloaded and installed everything what is recommended by the text on the download page (MAX OSX, PS3 configuration), but I cannot get the stuff alive. I am not a geek so please help replying my questions, otherwise my son will kill me in a short time:

    1. How to connect PS3 GH drum set
    2. How to connect PS3 GH guitar (both cordless)
    3. How to set up the system (on the macBook we have only GarageBand SW)

    Thxxxx very much in advance.

    • bwestplaysdrums says:

      Hi Lajos,

      Once you have the PS3 driver installed, you need to plug in the wireless receiver that came with the PS3 GH drum set or guitar controller into your USB port. You may have to hold down the PS3 button on the controller to get it to connect, or there also may be a button on the wireless receiver. Unfortunately I do not own a PS3 or any of its controllers so I have not done it personally.

      If you haven’t downloaded the Read Me file that’s available on the page, that has step by step instructions on how to get everything functioning correctly. As far as getting MH connected to GarageBand, all you need to do is switch the MIDI Output to “From Max/MSP Runtime”. In GarageBand, then just create a new track with a software instrument of your choice, and have that track active and selected to play its sounds.

      • Lajos Kovacs says:

        Thx for your fast reply. Now I am on half way: I’ve successfully connected the PS3 guitar to the system and if I push any button on it I can see it in the left bottom corner of the MIDITAR HERO window changing. This means to me that your SW recognizes the instrument.

        But, if Í start garageband and try to setup in any way I fail. No voice, no nothing even I do everything as u instructed. Pls help. Maybe Snow Leo does not work with MIDITAR?

        Thanks in advance, Lajos

  13. Martin says:

    Can i do all of this with a wireless xbox360 contorller?

  14. Bart says:

    I can’t download xmf file from medafire. It says “This file is currently set to private. If this problem persists or you need further assistance, contact support.”

  15. breck says:

    Hey i just downloaded 1.06 and the driver to .08, I have a xbox 360 xplorar guitar and use OS X 10.5.8. When i plug it in my USB the ring on the controller flashes and MAX won’t read the controller. It worked when i had 1.04 but now it won’t work and i got a show in 3 days. please help !?!? please email me. also how do i uninstall the 360 toggle driver ? i think that is the thing that caused the whole thing.

    • bwestplaysdrums says:

      That does sound like an issue with the driver… I’m not sure how to uninstall it, so just try installing version .07 or .09. Any updates to MH won’t cause any issues with the controller.

  16. plpicher says:

    hey! i downloaded sixaxis and max/msp runtime but i cant download miditar hero, the link doesn’t work to me, then i found another file on media fire that was set to private and i created a mediafire acount but i need to pay to be able to download anything.
    any solution?
    i really want this thing to work!

  17. plpicher says:

    thanks man!
    now it work!
    if you guys cant download it maybe its because of your internet eh… idont know how to say it, i’m from quebec so i speak french but it works on safari for me but not on internet explorer, try!

  18. sammym says:

    2 questions.
    1) does the sample mode work with the rockband drum kit?
    2) if i am only to use the sample mode do i have to use any other midi programs for this to work?

    thanks for the help if you can 🙂

    • bwestplaysdrums says:

      1. Yep, sample mode works with any controller.
      2. No, the audio output will come from MIDItar Hero, so you don’t need any other MIDI programs.

  19. edge says:

    Something seems to be wrong with the mediafire link.

    and is this compatible with windows 7?

  20. kipp says:

    can i connect my ps3 gh drums using a midi-usb cable? if so how?

    • bwestplaysdrums says:

      No, the MIDI port on the GH drums is a MIDI in, not out. You need to connect your drums to your PC like you would to your PS3, using the wireless USB dongle.

  21. victro says:

    what i need to conect mi guitar i have a USB rock band guitar,a macbook, the x box 360 controller not is orking

  22. sigfried says:

    hi! i’m trying to configure my ps2 guitar controller(a kramer one), but I have a problem with the whammy bar, i do not understand what values I have to insert in the offset and divisor box. Can anyone help me please?

  23. kipp says:

    oh ok, and i notice when playing with the drums on guitar hero there is a slight delay. is this the same on miditar hero? because you being a drummer i think you can understand you just can’t play with latency.

  24. kipp says:

    sorry for double posting but when i go in my drum setup, when i hit a pad the little circle of the corresponding colour lights up, but i hear no sound? any explanation?

  25. brad says:

    A question about drivers for mac.

    I have three macs running 10.6.2, I have a xbox360 rock band usb guitar that works greast on the xbox.

    I have put the suggested 360 drivers on the mac computers, (I can’t find any alternates, only the ones you suggest).

    none of the driver programs seem to work. Meaning I cant get the device to show up in the pref360 controll pane in SYSTEM PREFERENCES of windows.

    Garage Band does not see the guitar as an optional input, etc.

    I have wrestled for several hours, and am hopeing to get some help now.

    I think my intell based MACs are 64 bit, maybe I just need different driver for the controllers. If so…where can we get it?


    • bwestplaysdrums says:

      Yeah, this is an issue… I can’t get the drivers to work on 10.6 either. The USB port recognizes it correctly but the driver does not. I’ve emailed the creator of the driver about this issue but haven’t heard back from him yet.

  26. brad says:

    One more thing, the usb port is recognizing the usb device as harmonix 360 device, so it is not a port, or guitar issue.


  27. Evan Mann says:

    Hey there, I have a small(or maybe large to some people) error that lots of people seem to be getting.
    You and others have all said that the Wii drum controller does actually have a installer, im currently using your app with the wii controller.all i did was download the drivers for the xbox controller at and they worked just fine.

  28. Nicolas says:

    Im trying to connect a Wii band hero drum kit, but I can’t find any devices in the controller menu. Im using an usb-midi cable and I cant take midi signals out the drum kit. I’m afraid that I haven’t understood how midi signals go out from the “instrument”. Can you give some help?

    • bwestplaysdrums says:

      The MIDI port on the drum kit is a MIDI in, not out. You need to connect the drum kit through USB.

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