Quick note, more drum updates

I noticed that people keep asking about or searching for the password to the 1.01 version of MIDItar Hero… it’s a test version that’s not ready for download yet, so just download the normal version without the password.

The main thing I’m working on right now is adding more support for drum kits – velocity sensitivity and the RB add-on cymbals. However, there’s still setups that aren’t completely supported yet. Here’s the current status of everything:

360 GH Drums √ (full support)
360 RB Drums — (need velocity, add-on cymbals, pedal port)
PS3 GH Drums X (need all values)
PS3 RB Drums — (need velocity, add-on cymbals, pedal port)
Wii GH Drums X (no drivers yet)
Wii RB Drums — (need velocity, add-on cymbals, pedal port)

360 GH Drums √ (full support)
360 RB Drums — (need velocity, add-on cymbals, pedal port)
PS3 GH Drums X (need all values)
PS3 RB Drums √ (full support)
Wii GH Drums X (no drivers yet)
Wii RB Drums — (need velocity)

4 Responses to Quick note, more drum updates

  1. Dapsych0 says:

    Hi mate ! First of all I wanna say thanks for all your effort in making this program, its a really good idea. So as I can see you are working on velocity sensivity for the rockband drum, wich is a very great news! I just bought Ion drum rocker (Premium drum set for RB) wich includes velocity sensivity for 4 drums and 2 cymbals. The problem is the 2 cymbals are the sames colors as 2 of the 4 drums. I planned to get my older Rock Band drum kit with the new premium one and configure miditar to use both of them on ez drummer (wich I never used…) So theses are my questions: do you think what I wanna do can be done with your program? can I get those 2 cymbals from the premium kit working independtly from the drums? btw I got your program, loopbe1 midi driver and still waiting for Ez drummer to finish downloading… I need something else ? Its just to be sure I readed everything ok… thx for the advices !

    • bwestplaysdrums says:

      I honestly don’t know if the ION kit will work. I haven’t tested it or heard from any who has tried.
      Right now MH doesn’t support the add-on cymbals for the RB or ION kits. I’ve been trying to get them to work correctly without any luck. If the ION kit works though you can easily use your old RB kit and the ION at the same time, you just need two copies of the Max/MSP Runtime installed and have MH open in each.
      Not sure if you know this, but you can buy a MIDI drum module to use with the ION kit… all of the pads and cymbals plug right in. You can get one for about $100 and you’ll have yourself a cheap electric drum kit.

      • Dapsych0 says:

        Thanks for your advices mate ! I got my ION and older RB drum kit working fine with EZ drummer but still can’t use the velocity sensivity… I tried to figure out a way to configure them with MH but it doesn’t work. I guess you kinda emulate that sensivity system for the GH kit and it can’t be done with the ion system who’s got better sensor… and that’s why you need that other module for an another 100 bucks. I saw on internet that there’s a way to get the pedal sensors working on my real drum double pedal but I still need a good electronic hi-hat if I wanna play real drums with this. You might have some advices to give me, like what kind of hi-hat to buy and the cheaper ways to get a true complete electronic drum kit. Feel free to leave me an email…and thanks again !

      • bwestplaysdrums says:

        Velocity sensitivity isn’t totally working yet… definitely not for the ION kit either, but only because I don’t have the values to set it up. I don’t have an electronic kit so unfortunately I don’t have any suggestions on what to do for a hi-hat pedal, but apparently the ION kit should work well with the Alesis DM5 for a drum module… or at least that’s what it’s designed for.

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