More drum stuff…

April 26, 2009

In addition to supporting velocity, I’d also like to add support for two more things on the Rock Band 2 drum set:
– cymbal attachment
– extra pedal port (for hi-hat)
If anyone with the RB2 kit for any system has these add-ons, please get in touch with me so I can add support for them.

Adding support for velocity sensitive drums

April 15, 2009

If you have a RB or GH drumset that is velocity sensitive and want the velocity feature to be added MIDItar Hero for your drum set, email me or IM me and I can walk you through the steps to help me get it working.
I’m gradually adding and testing velocity support for each drum set as people get in touch with me asking to add the setup they have, so I’ll be making small updates every once in a while to add these.

Instructables post

April 13, 2009

Someone was nice enough to write up a post on Instructables on how to get MIDItar Hero working with a VST plug-in on Windows.

Check it out here:

MIDItar Hero v1.0 now available

April 7, 2009

MIDItar Hero v1.0 is now up for download on the Downloads page.
Please be sure to download the README file as well, because it’s the only form of documentation with the program now.
The README explains all of the new features and controls in the new version.

Just as a reminder – if you like MIDItar Hero and want to help support the program: