Things left to do for MIDItar Hero 1.0:

– Rewrite the documentation to be included as a .PDF (<– 1/2 done)
– New logo!
– Test out Sample Mode (playback of audio samples, applying effects to samples) (<– working!)
– Small cleanup of user interface (<– almost there)
– Velocity sensitivity on RB + GH:WT drums
– Add GH:WT drums as controller

Would anybody be interested in testing the new version of MH before I release it? I’m looking for people who are somewhat familiar with MH and are willing to provide feedback as to what works well and what doesn’t, as well as offer suggestions about features or options they would like to see added in the future.
Send me a message on AIM (bwestplaysdrums) or email me ( if you would like to test the new version. Also include your name or your regular internet handle that you would like to be credited as.

One Response to Things left to do for MIDItar Hero 1.0:

  1. Rock Ben says:

    hey Brian.

    can’t wait for your 1.0 version. Lately, I play more often with Miditar than Rock Band 2. I want to get some Pearl Jam DLC, but I’m low on cash so I’m gonna continue jamming with your program.

    I try 2 drums and it work really fine. Now I need to make a good setup for two RB drums. That and a way to setup the home theater of my friend because theres lag.

    Thanks, keep up your great work and just ask if you want me to test your pre-release version.

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