January 1, 2009


MIDItar Hero is a program designed to let you use a Guitar Hero or Rock Band instrument as a MIDI controller. You can use MIDItar Hero to control synthesized sounds within an application that uses MIDI, such as GarageBand or FL Studio, or through an external device (synthesizer, keyboard, drum machine, etc.) if you have a MIDI interface hooked up to your computer. MIDItar Hero was created using Max/MSP.


  • Runs under Windows XP/Vista, Mac OS X
  • Supports nearly all Rock Band and Guitar Hero controllers (Guitar or Drums) for every gaming system (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2)
  • Can be used with any application that supports software instrument playback through MIDI input (Reason, Live, GarageBand, Mixcraft, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Audition, Sonar, many more)
  • Can be used with external MIDI devices (keyboards, drum machines, synthesizers)
  • Use the default two-and-a-half octave scale or a custom scale pattern in Normal Mode
  • Select a key and scale to play power, major, minor, diminished, and 7th chords in Easy Mode
  • Use the Rock Band or Guitar Hero: World Tour Drum Set in Drum Mode
  • Play and manipulate .wav or .aiff audio samples in Sample Mode

For more information, please read the About page.

Current version download links:
MIDItar Hero v1.0.mxf
MIDItar Hero v1.0 README